#StudentsAsProducers – for community, industry, or to assist others in learning, can help bring relevance, engagement, & positioning #saspconf


Writing book reviews in Amazon, commenting on Youtube videos or creating their own videos, answering questions in YahooAnswers, editing Wikipedia, creating instructional resources or examples of work for future students. All these and more can become interesting learning and even assessment activities that have the additional value of helping to improve public knowledge and understanding, a graduate’s standing in a community of practice, or asking students to engage in real world problems and issues.


Mike Neary positions the student as producer along with historical acts of intellectual radicalism and resistance:

Bertolt Brecht’s Epic Theatre … seeks to create an active and critical attitude on the part of the audience to divest the performance of any illusion of pretence or artificiality (Wolin 1982), undermining the reproduction of illusion through experimentation. And so the play becomes pedagogical, with a ‘teacherly’ attitude bringing consumers of a product into contact with the production process, turning readers and spectators into collaborators.

– Benjamin 1970 in Neary 2012


  1. Blogger for student assignments
  2. Student generated website (School of Media and Communication)
  3. Online portfolios for professional communicators (School of Media and Communication)
  4. Student authored open psychology textbook (University of Canberra)
  5. Health Infomatics Wikipedia editing (La Trobe University)

Links and References

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Youtube Playlist, Student as Producer Conference 2013. University of Lincoln.

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