Microcredentials / RMIT Creds

What are microcredentials?

There is no generally accepted definition of the term microcredential in the literature (Oliver 2019, 19). Broadly, the term refers to shorter forms of assessed learning that sit adjacent, outside or complementary to recognised qualifications (such as those defined in the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework)).   

Oliver (2019, 19) proposes the following definition for most uses: 

A micro-credential is a certification of assessed learning that is less than a formal qualification.

Often (though not by definition), microcredentials are thought to address skills or certification gaps in graduates as identified by employers or business groups. It is important to interrogate both the veracity of the claims by such groups in this context and whether such needs should be served by public education providers responsible for graduating students in discipline-specific and research-led knowledges (Ralston 2020).

Nevertheless microcredentials, having replaced massive open online courses (MOOCs) before them, are currently one the most hyped trends in education.

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Ralston, SJ, (2020), Higher Education’s Microcredentialing Craze: a Postdigital-Deweyan Critique, Postdigital Science Education (May)

RMIT University (2020), RMIT Creds, RMIT University: Melbourne. <>. Last accessed: June 2020.  

What are RMIT Creds?

At RMIT University, RMIT Creds are defined as “a range digital micro-credentials designed to help students develop industry-ready skills. Creds range from 30-minute learning experiences to more intensive online programs running over several weeks. Once successfully completed, students can claim a digital badge and share it on social media” (RMIT University 2020).  

RMIT Creds are developed by RMIT Studios, a group within the Education Portfolio.   

How can the digital learning team in DSC help?  

As learning designers, we can help you access, review, select and embed microcreds in your assessments, course or program.     Contact to arrange support.


Where can I learn more about RMIT Creds?  

The staff page for RMIT Creds includes all the most up-to-date information about creds at RMIT.

Where can I get support for RMIT Creds?  

Specific support channels are available, for example, if a student is unable to access their badge.
It should be your first contact for microcred-related questions.

What RMIT Creds are available and how to preview them?  

To see what creds are available visit the register published on the RMIT Creds support pages.

To request demo access for a credential, use the form published on the RMIT Creds support pages.

What is the process for embedding a cred in your assessment, course or program?  

There are four stages to planning your use of a cred:   

  • Planning
  • Pre-semester
  • In-semester
  • Post-semester
The details of each stage are published on the RMIT Creds support pages.

Can students access RMIT Creds when creds aren’t embedded in a course or program?  

Yes, students can access the following creds from the ‘open marketplace’ at any time, however, this option shouldn’t be used for formal cred embeds.

How do I request a Cred?  

Once you have followed the four-stage process detailed in this page and have selected a cred to embed, contact with the completed Cred Request Form, which is accessible from the RMIT Creds website.