Are your assignments set up correctly?

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Now that the initial flurry of activity around Higher Ed Semester 1 go live is starting to settle, its a good time to draw breath and do a quick check on your assignment settings before students start submitting work. Here are a few common Assignment setup issues that are worth checking: Common Assignment set up issues Assignments that say they … Read More

Canvas: What to do when…

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This is a collection of answers to questions we’re being asked at the moment, and tips for doing things smarter. This will be updated several times, you can bookmark it, and please feel free to contribute suggestions if you’ve come across something you think your colleagues would benefit from knowing.   Access issues My teaching staff don’t have access to … Read More

One or more of my students aren’t appearing in my Canvas course

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Firstly, it takes 24-48 hours for student enrolments to appear in Canvas. If the student only enrolled recently check back again tomorrow. If its been longer than that, talk to your School Admin to make sure the students’ enrolment details are correct in SAMs. If they’re correct, raise a servicedesk ticket with ITS.

No students are appearing in my course

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Regular course, not linked to any other If your course has been passed through QA more than 48 hours ago, and its NOT a crosslisted course, contact Project Rewire If it is a crosslisted course Check the other course that it should be linked to. You should have at least 2 sections of students appearing, one for every course … Read More

How to: Add a profile image to Canvas

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You can add a profile image to your account in Canvas which will then appear on any discussion posts, announcements and messages you send. It is useful for students and staff to be able to identify you, and it creates a more personal space. Making your profile picture appear in Canvas is easy. Follow the printable instructions below or watch … Read More

What are the different Sections that I can see in vertically integrated courses or studios?

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In vertically integrated studios, students are added to Canvas courses in Sections that indicate (1) the course in which they originally enrolled, and (2) the studio they are doing. This information is imported from (1) SAMS and (2) a spreadsheet that is provided by the course coordinator. For more information about Sections, see Note: using Sections in Canvas.

Can I send an announcement to just one section of students?

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Currently, No. However, you can send a message to all students in a section. To do that: In the Global navigation menu, click Inbox From the All Courses dropdown menu, select the correct course. Click the Compose a new message feather icon Click the address book icon Click the Course sections link Select the desired section Type your message below … Read More