Comparison: Blackboard/Canvas


Canvas is built with a view to providing quick and easy course building for teachers with a focus on enabling easy online interactions. Canvas allows easy integration of 3rd party tools and applications, meaning as an instructor you’re not limited to the tools available in the native Canvas environment.

Functionality and terminology differences

Functionally there are differences between Blackboard and Canvas that can affect how you plan and build your site. The following resources are a quick look at some differences. 

We will also be highlighting similarities and differences in each tool and function as we develop resources.

Canvas Governance

In 2018 Canvas will replace Blackboard and be supported centrally by ITS and RMIT Studios. More information will be made available here as support processes and procedures are developed.

Project Implementation Timeframe

Project timeline available here at Project Rewire

What DLDSC is doing

We are working closely with Project Rewire to help ensure the transition to Canvas is as effective and efficient as can be. Once courses have been ‘lifted and shifted’ by Project Rewire, we will be able to provide program level assistance where needed, to further enhance the use of Canvas.

Below is a list of DL team members and the schools they are the liaison for. This way you can direct Canvas related questions to individual team members.