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Canvas Roles and Responsibilities

Can I view my course as a student in Canvas?

Yes, you can. In the Course you wish to view

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Student view (right-hand side menu on your screen)


  • This does not allow you to see an accurate view of section restrictions.
  • When you’re in student view you will see a pink bar at the bottom of the page. Use this to return to normal view. Choose Leave student view.
Can staff add other staff to their course?

Yes, they can.  Please remember that the staff member to be added must have an active Canvas RMIT account. If you try to add them using the instructions below, and Canvas does not find the account, please contact ITS.
How to: Add staff to a Canvas course


My teaching staff don’t have access to my course

You can add tutors and other teachers to your own course.

People > + People > paste their RMIT email address (or a list of addresses, one on each line) into the box > Select the role you want them to have (TA is the tutor role, Teacher will give them full editing privileges) > Click Next >You will receive a message asking you to confirm addition for the person or list of persons on the next page. If all are found > click Add users and you’re done.

At this point, if the system can’t find the email address you will be notified. Make sure its correctly entered. If so, the person doesn’t yet have a canvas account.

This may be because they’re a new staff member and the HR onboarding process is not yet complete. Check with your school admin officers.

If they’re not a new staff member and they have access to other RMIT systems, contact ITS and request they be given Canvas access. https://rmit.service-now.com/serviceandsupport/

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