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What are the different Sections that I can see in vertically integrated courses or studios?

In vertically integrated studios, students are added to Canvas courses in Sections that indicate (1) the course in which they originally enrolled, and (2) the studio they are doing. This information is imported from (1) SAMS and (2) a spreadsheet that is provided by the course coordinator.
For more information about Sections, see Note: using Sections in Canvas.

Can I send an announcement to just one section of students?

Currently, No. However, you can send a message to all students in a section.
To do that:

  1. In the Global navigation menu, click Inbox
  2. From the All Courses dropdown menu, select the correct course.
  3. Click the Compose a new message feather icon
  4. Click the address book icon
  5. Click the Course sections link
  6. Select the desired section
  7. Type your message below the line
  8. Click send

How do I filter the gradebook by section?

By default, your course shows all active students. If your course includes more than one section, you can filter your Gradebook by section [1]. You can also search for a student by name or secondary ID [2].

Can staff add other staff to their course?

Yes, they can.  Please remember that the staff member to be added must have an active Canvas RMIT account. If you try to add them using the instructions below, and Canvas does not find the account, please contact ITS.
How to: Add staff to a Canvas course


Where do I go to see who is enrolled in my course?

To see who is enrolled in your course, just click on People in the Course Navigation Menu.  You will see a list of everyone enrolled in your course.

Inactive tag in People page

If a student has a grey ‘inactive’ button next to their name in the People page it means they were enrolled but have since dropped the course. They’re still listed in the People section for auditing and record keeping, but they won’t appear in the Grades section.

Can I view my course as a student in Canvas?

Yes, you can. In the Course you wish to view

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Student view (right-hand side menu on your screen)


  • This does not allow you to see an accurate view of section restrictions.
  • When you’re in student view you will see a pink bar at the bottom of the page. Use this to return to normal view. Choose Leave student view.

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