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Canvas Getting started

How do I find out what Canvas can do?

There is a thriving Canvas Community web site that gives you answers to most questions about Canvas.

For the College of Design and Social Context we will be building a set of resources focusing on the RMIT implementation of Canvas and, in particular the needs of the students and teachers in College specific disciplines. Check back to the Canvas sub-site regularly for updates.

How do I get started with Canvas?

The implementation strategy for Project Rewire is being managed by the Project Rewire team. You can find out more at the Project Rewire web site.

Some early adopters from across the University have been identified. These people are experienced users of BlackBoard and they are being given access to Canvas so that any issues can be identified and rectified prior to Canvas being made available more widely. If you want to be an early adopter and you are in the College of Design and Social Context then you should speaker with your Deputy Head, Learning and Teaching in your School.

If you ARE an Early Adopter, check out our How to get started with Canvas: first 5 steps resource.

If you want to see what Canvas is like without going into a testing and development environment then you can use Canvas for free at the Canvas web site. You should note that the exact look and feel of the University’s implementation of Canvas will look slightly different to the Canvas version but you will be able to get a good idea of the core features of Canvas at their web site.


How does Canvas relate to Project Rewire?

Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) that has been chosen to replace BlackBoard. The replacement of the LMS is a key component of Project Rewire. You can think of Project Rewire as the implementation project and Canvas as being the key product being implemented. You can find out more at the Project Rewire web site.

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