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Adding course content links into announcements

You can add links in your announcements directly to content, assignments or course sections by using the content selector to the right of the rich text editor.

Check out the following guides for further help.

How do I add content to an announcement in a course?

How do I insert links to course content into the Rich Content Editor using the Content Selector?


Can I post to Twitter from Canvas?

No, you can’t.   As an instructor, you will only be able to connect your Twitter account to your Canvas shell.  Students will be able to see your tweets as you post them.  For more information on connecting your Twitter account to your Canvas account, click here.

Can I send a message from the gradebook to students who have not yet submitted their assignment?
Can I send an announcement to just one section of students?

Currently, No. However, you can send a message to all students in a section.
To do that:

  1. In the Global navigation menu, click Inbox
  2. From the All Courses dropdown menu, select the correct course.
  3. Click the Compose a new message feather icon
  4. Click the address book icon
  5. Click the Course sections link
  6. Select the desired section
  7. Type your message below the line
  8. Click send
Do I have to sign off announcements?

Yes, we recommend you to sign off every announcement you post.  The reason for this is that when announcements are sent via email and students read them from their inbox, Canvas does not specify who the sender is.  The details of the sender can only be viewed if the announcement is being read from within Canvas.

How can I tell whether the students received my announcement?

In your account notification settings there is an option to be notified immediately of an announcement created by you. Make sure that option is selected, and the system will send you the same email copy that the students get.

Account > Notifications > Announcements created by you

screen shot

screen shot

How do I communicate with individual groups in Canvas?

You can use the Conversations (Inbox) function to communicate with the individual groups in your course.  When composing a message, click on the arrow next to Select course, and then select the group from the list.  To learn more about conversations, refer to How to: Use conversations in Canvas.

How do I stop students posting replies to announcements?
I don’t think students received the welcome announcement. What do i do?

If your welcome announcement was created prior to your course being published and it was NOT set to delayed posting, then your students will not have received an email about the announcement.

If this is the case, you can resend the announcement by editing it, selecting delayed posting and set the date and time for some time in the future. Note that your course must be published for the notification to be sent out.

Announcements > Open desired announcement > Edit > Delay posting > set date and time > Save

Is there a web-conferencing tool?

Yes, there are two.

You can use either Collaborate Ultra, or BigBlueButton which is listed in the course navigation as Conferences. BigBlueButton has a simpler interface and is easy to get around, but the recordings are only kept for two weeks. It’s a good option for online consultation times or any other quick web conferencing experience that doesn’t need to be recorded or kept. If you need to retain the recordings, best to use Collaborate Ultra.

To learn more about Collaborate Ultra read Collaboration and Canvas: Blackboard Collaborate: Ultra experience

To learn how to set up a conference, visit How to: use Conferences in Canvas.

Using Gmail, how can I set up a filter that manages the influx of Canvas notifications?
  1. Put a tick in the checkbox next to an example of the message you want to filter
  2. Click the More dropdown button on the top menu bar
  3. Select Filter messages like these
    You need to choose text in the subject line or the body of the email that is specific to that particular type of message. So for Message notifications, for example, adding the following into the Subject line field and replacing [course name] with your actual course name will select only the notifications of new messages from that particular course.
  4. Add into Subject field: ([course name]) just sent you a message
  5. Click Create filter with this search
  6. Select the options you wish to apply.
  7. Recommendation: select Apply the label and create a descriptive label for messages coming from that course.
  8. Create filter
Why do I get a “Flash required for recording video” error message when I try to use the Record Video function?

Often if you’re using Chrome the Record Media comment tool will show a spinning circle with a note saying “Flash required for recording video”.

This usually means that Flash is not enabled for this Canvas site by default.
To fix this:

  1. To the left of the browser’s URL bar you’ll see a lock icon with Secure in green. Click this.
  2. Select Site Settings

  3. Next to the Flash icon, select Allow from the dropdown menu.

  4. Now refresh your browser view by clicking the Reload button presented, or the arrow next to the URL bar.

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