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Canvas Ecosystem (Context)

Can I batch import groups and group members?

Currently, no. You can bulk create groups using the Canvas + Groupset function. You can also randomly assign students to those groups, or allow students to self-assign, but there is no function that allows you to create groups and control membership via a file upload.

Can I create repeating events in the Canvas calendar?

Hypothetically Canvas allows instructors to create repeating events in the course calendar (not your personal calendar). However, at the time of writing this is an opt-in feature that has not yet been enabled in the RMIT instance.

Can I see my Canvas calendar in Google?

Yes, you can. Follow these instructions to pull your Canvas calendar into Google so you can view it alongside your RMIT calendar.

Can students create a discussion topic?

By default, YES. You can disable this for discussions in your course in the More Options dropdown in the Settings button.

How do I see the whole student name on the assigned students group set-up list? 

If you’re working on a small screen (laptop), part of the student’s name might be obscured. To expand the buttons, you can minimise the course menu by clicking the hamburger menu icon next to the breadcrumbs.

hamburger icon

How to we deal with duplicate names (different students with the same name) when assigning students to groups?

Canvas can’t display students by their student ID number but you can use the group set-up page search field to search by their ID number.

Inactive tag in People page

If a student has a grey ‘inactive’ button next to their name in the People page it means they were enrolled but have since dropped the course. They’re still listed in the People section for auditing and record keeping, but they won’t appear in the Grades section.

No students are appearing in my course

Regular course, not linked to any other

Have you submitted your course for QA? If so, have it passed?

All regular courses have to go through the Canvas QA process before they will be published to students. If you haven’t submitted for QA as yet, you can do that by submitting a few course details to QA Hero here.

Once you’ve submitted for QA you will receive an email confirming your course has passed, or informing you as to what you need to attend to before resubmitting. If you don’t receive an email within 2 working days, contact RMIT Studios at canvas@rmit.edu.au

If your course has been passed through QA more than 48 hours ago, and it’s NOT a crosslisted course, contact RMIT Studios at canvas@rmit.edu.au

If it is a crosslisted course

All of your students will be enrolled in the course your nominated as the parent or destination course.

Check that course. You should have at least 2 sections of students appearing, one for every course that is linked. This will appear in Settings > Sections and will also be noted in People next to the student’s name. The course you should be using is the one with students enrolled. If there are no students in that course either, raise a service desk incident with ITS.

If it is a Vertically Integrated Studio (VIS) child shell

Your students must be enrolled manually in a studio child shell. If you are the nominated Studio Coordinator and you have the appropriate Canvas permissions, you can add them yourself. If you don’t have the option to add a student in your Studio shell, your School admin can also do this. Please contact them.

One or more of my students aren’t appearing in my Canvas course

Firstly, it takes 24-48 hours for student enrolments to appear in Canvas. If the student only enrolled recently check back again tomorrow.

If its been longer than that, talk to your School Admin to make sure the students’ enrolment details are correct in SAMs.

If they’re correct, raise a servicedesk ticket with ITS. https://rmit.service-now.com/serviceandsupport/reportissue.do

Students who shouldn’t be there are appearing in my course

Talk to your School Admin to make sure the student is not enrolled in your course in SAMs.

If the SAMs details are correct, raise a servicedesk ticket with ITS. https://rmit.service-now.com/serviceandsupport/reportissue.do

What are the different Sections that I can see in vertically integrated courses or studios?

In vertically integrated studios, students are added to Canvas courses in Sections that indicate (1) the course in which they originally enrolled, and (2) the studio they are doing. This information is imported from (1) SAMS and (2) a spreadsheet that is provided by the course coordinator.
For more information about Sections, see Note: using Sections in Canvas.

When in a student group, can students see a teacher’s email address? 


Staff view

Student view


Where do I go to see who is enrolled in my course?

To see who is enrolled in your course, just click on People in the Course Navigation Menu.  You will see a list of everyone enrolled in your course.

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