Comparison:  Blackboard/Canvas


Canvas is built with a view to providing quick and easy course building for teachers with a focus on enabling easy online interactions. Canvas allows easy integration of 3rd party tools and applications, meaning as an instructor you’re not limited to the tools available in the native Canvas environment.

Functionality and terminology differences

Functionally there are differences between Blackboard and Canvas that can affect how you plan and build your site. The following resources are a quick look at some differences. We will also be highlighting similarities and differences in each tool and function as we develop resources.

Canvas Terminology (Canvas Community)

Blackboard Vs Canvas Functions (University of Denver)

From Blackboard to Canvas (University of Pennsylvania)

Implementation timeframe


Coming soon on Project Rewire

What DLDSC is doing

A number of courses across the seven schools have been identified as ‘early adopters’. We are planning a series of workshops for the early adopters, and have assigned a learning designer per school.

Architecture & Design: Andrea McLagan
Art: Mark Smithers
Education: Emma Yench
Fashion & Textiles: Zaina Nehme
GUSS: Howard Errey
Media & Communications: Leigh Blackall
PCPM: Cathy Leahy

Each learning designer will work with the early adopters in their assigned school to build their sites and develop resources to share knowledge with the main cohort of people moving to Canvas later.

Once the school Canvas Champion has been appointed by RMIT Studios, the learning designer will work in cooperation with that person. (more on this to come).