This new email system

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We received a request for professional development on the use of the new email system, Microsoft Outlook. While we don’t normally cover the support offered by other areas of the university, we appreciate how frustrating using Outlook can be. Here’s a little screen recording explaining the difference between webmail and client mail. I would simply note that there’s a significant … Read More

How to: Configure a higher education program shell

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Go straight to the guide. What are program shells? Program shells are used across the University to provide a space within Canvas for program managers, teaching teams and students to communicate and share information at a program-level that would otherwise have to occur via email or other platforms. They’re not formal teaching spaces. Assessments, learning activities or other experiences that … Read More

Web conferencing

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A number of requests for sessions on web conferencing came in last month through our professional development request form. This post is a collection of resources on web conferencing, to support the monthly sessions of professional development. If you’d like to attend sessions on web conferencing, see our up coming professional development events and register. What is it? Web conferencing … Read More

Cleaning, Maintaining and Organising files in a Canvas Shell

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It has been more than 2 years since RMIT adopted Canvas and its learning management system; and it can be said that almost every course taught across the university currently has a presence in Canvas. Although the last 24 months have been dominated by the adoption of the 14 elements and ensuring that all courses meet the criteria set out by RMIT Studios, little thought has been given to how teachers can maintain, organise and clean their Canvas shell.

Blogs and Canvas

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We have a session coming up on blogs and Canvas, and this post is the resource to accompany that session. This session will likely be repeated each month, depending on demand. We’ll update this post each time a session takes place. What is a blog? A blog was originally a Web-Log. Web logs were used before Facebook and the like, … Read More

Improving the visual layout of Canvas

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Many people at RMIT comment on the “improved look and feel” of Canvas over its predecessor Blackboard. Some people have requested more advice on the ways to improve the visual layout of their Canvas courses. This session will consider structuring courses in Canvas, as well as some simple improvements you can make through graphic design. Structuring a course in Canvas … Read More

Using video in teaching and assessment

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In this professional development session, we’re looking at ways to use video in teaching and assessment. This post will be updated as sessions take place, recordings are added, and new information or perspective develops. Keep an eye on Events for other times for this, and other sessions. We’ve done a lot with video On this site you’ll find a number … Read More

Podcasting Resources

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This step by step guide will equip you with the technical skills required to create your own podcast. Good podcasting practice involves the use of storytelling techniques. We are in the process of creating storytelling resources that you can use to create impactful podcasts. Subscribe to our blog to receive updates. If you would like to produce your own podcast … Read More

Learner-centred approaches in design education

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Introduction My First Six Months (MF6M) is a learning and teaching initiative that was recently implemented in three first year studio courses in Industrial Design. The project introduced students to learner-centred teaching approaches in their first semester to set them up for independence as learners in these courses and their future studies. MF6M aimed to incorporate learning and teaching practices … Read More