What we do

Made up of the Digital Learning team and SALT (senior Advisors Learning and Teaching) team, we lead and support learning and teaching initiatives across the College and provide high quality support for schools. Some of the ways in which we do this are listed below:

    • Supporting teaching staff to develop skills

      in areas such as designing online resources, activities and courses, and online assessment.

    • Supporting teaching staff with the use of educational technologies

      Including the LMS

    • Coordinating and/or supporting a range of projects

      That implement or develop new digital learning opportunities for students

    • Building and moderating online communities

      to enable staff to connect to peers in the digital learning space, share knowledge and support one another

    • Providing strategic advice

      regarding technology use in learning and teaching

    • Facilitating workshops and professional development sessions

      on course design and delivery, as well as how to integrate specific technologies into teaching and learning

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