Producing videos at home

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So, you can’t work in the office and you’ve been forced to change your ways of working, making you explore new ways of teaching and sharing content with students. Make a video or audio recording!

Videos are a great way to help you explain content or to show how to do/use something and this gives your students a chance to connect with you.

Not into videos? Maybe audio recordings might be your preferred method to deliver information for your course. Or you can use both!

But how do I do this you might ask? Check out below the useful list with resources that our team has created and compiled, with videos with tips and tricks or mini tutorials to help you produce your own videos and audio recordings.

Check out these resources to get you started:  

  • Recording Video: Find information about how to record video on your computer or smart device, how to turn a PowerPoint presentation into a video and to make course welcome videos.  
  • Editing Video : Discover basic methods for editing your videos on your smart devices or computer such as how to add music, images and supporting videos.  
  • Audio/Podcast: See how to edit audio and how to get started on creating a podcast.
  • Sourcing images, music and video : We have created an extensive list where you can find images, music and video with creative commons licences with information on how to ensure copyright compliance is met.

When things get back to normal, whatever that might look like, these videos or podcasts you make now could be valuable tools to use in your future classes.   

If you need help or assistance with any video/multimedia ideas please get in touch, e-mail ( and we can make a time to call you.   

Or if your project needs multimedia assistance you can fill out this media production request form.

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