HUSO1213 Contemporary Organisational Practice

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Belinda Johnson teaches HUSO1213 Contemporary Organisational Practice, a course that is offered both face-to-face and as a semi-intensive 8 week fully online course.

The course aims to help students acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help them successfully navigate the transition into the professional workplace, in particular in the fields of human services and the legal and justice environments.

What is the focus?

Many students may not see the value of the course yet--they’re studying the social sciences, and may not see how a course on organisations will be useful to them.

Belinda focuses on getting the students to connect the course content to their own working experiences, analyse and interpret those experiences, share them with the group, and then engage in conversation with their classmates.

In the sound bite below, Belinda talks about the value of peer based learning.

Belinda's methods for online engagement

In response to the survey results, and in order to create an interactive online environment, Belinda uses videos in different ways, to support students to engage with her, with the course materials, and with other students in the course.

Belinda's advice to others

Belinda refers to herself as someone who doesn’t know a lot about using technology but she approached her online course with openness and a willingness to try new approaches and included her students in the decision making.

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