Managing a program Blackboard for the Diploma of Visual Merchandising

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Dealing with VE course within a program can be tricky. Often the best solution is to organise learning resources, activities and assignment submissions via a clustering of course within a Program Blackboard rather than individual course Blackboards. This in turn raises a number of issues in how to organise and manage the Blackboard within the teaching team, meet compliance requirements and how to provide a good learning experience for students.

Working with Ben Mastwyk and drawing on Chris Job’s extensive work and experience in the program of Interior Decoration and Design over the years. This project will identify the workflows required from before semester starts through to the transfer of grades from Grade Centre to Results Processing Online (RPO). The first steps of this project will be to identify problem areas to be resolved and the development of a schedule of organisational tasks including when they need to be done, and who will be doing them.

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