POLI1099 Global Governance

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Global Governance

Taught by Professor Christopher Ziguras

Professor Christopher Ziguras teaches a masters-level course in global governance that is offered across three different programs. It is currently delivered online and face-to-face and gives students the flexibility to choose different modes of learning at any time.

The course attracts approximately 120 students a year.  Students work towards developing a detailed policy brief for a national government agency on one of three contemporary issues.

Most students are professionals already working in industry. Understanding this about his students, Chris designed a course that was highly responsive to their needs.

We recently spoke to him about his teaching methods and the strategies he uses to deliver such a flexible course.

What's different about this course?

This course is offered online and face-to-face in semester one, and then online only in semester two. The face-to-face students don’t have regular weekly classes. Instead, Chris offers four face-to-face workshops on Saturdays, which online students can choose to attend as well.

Move through the interactive timeline below to see how Chris delivered his content for face-to-face and online students

Teaching strategies and how they worked for POLI1099

What's next for POLI1099?

To continue improving the learning experience for his students, Chris is keen to arrange interviews with industry experts and produce podcasts or videos. He envisages these could be used in learning activities within discussion boards and provide students with industry relevant material.

Chris would also like to provide more personalised feedback on assessments, using video as a way to connect with his students.

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