Rollover of S1 to S2 2018 Canvas Course Shells

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If you have rolled over your course content from a Semester 1 shell to a Semester 2 shell, your QA process should be pretty straightforward as you would already have addressed most of the 14 elements.  Once complete, you can proceed to request a QA, which you can do by filling in the QA request Form, attend a Canvas Drop-in Session, or a School live QA session.

To assist you throughout this process, we have developed the self-checklist below.  This list will help you to identify the items you will need to adjust before sending your course for QA.  Consider this form as an inventory checklist.  Please note that if you are editing a course that you have never been part of, you will need to accept the invitation to a course before you can edit.  

Check List

Click here to download the checklist.

Rollover Checklist

Project Rewire Resource

For more information on Canvas Rollover, visit the Project Rewire Rollover Section.

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