How can I tell which student is in which group in Canvas?

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So you’ve set up a Canvas group set added your groups, and assigned students (or students have assigned themselves) to groups, everything is going swimmingly. But now you need to know which students are in which groups.

Not an easy thing to find out in Canvas unless you’re prepared to trawl through the membership of every group you have. Fine if you have 5 groups, not so fine if you have 50. Right?

You need a group membership report, and it’s possible to generate one, with the help of this handy spreadsheet created by Jaap Stelpstra (Canvas community), and a little Canvas API magic.  Download the spreadsheet, follow the instructions carefully, taking note of the setup pointers below and before too long you will have your group membership report. With a list of group members, including student name and student number, for each group in all group sets in your course.


Note: this has only been tested on Excel 2010 on PC and Excel 2011 on Mac, and may not run on new versions of MS Office (especially on Mac). If you are at RMIT and using Mac, check out Ric Canale’s Google sheet Groups Importer, Groups Importer User Guide and Course Group Importer Google sheet.

Canvas group member report

Canvas group member report

Setup pointers

  • In the settings:
  • In the report:
    • Enter course ID: canvas course ID (the numbers at the end of your course homepage URL i.e.

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Ric Canale
Ric Canale

I’ve also just completed a Google sheet with scripts that import course groups into the sheet. The Google sheet doesn’t have the compatibility issues of Excel but works the same way using the Canvas API.
Some differences with the Google sheet:
– Names are in the form “name_userid”, so students with the same name can be distinguished.
– There is a sheet for each group-set as well as the one sheet for all group-sets in the course.
– There is a sheet with just the class list.
Access the sheet, make your own copy and work from your copy.
Here’s a user guide.

Emma Yench

thanks Ric!

Ric Canale
Ric Canale

Use this updated sheet instead of the originally posted one:
– names are listed without user_id appended.
– Fixed a bug that resulted in unassigned students being listed as in the first group of a group-set.