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This is a collection of answers to questions we’re being asked at the moment, and tips for doing things smarter. This will be updated several times, you can bookmark it, and please feel free to contribute suggestions if you’ve come across something you think your colleagues would benefit from knowing.

Access issues

My teaching staff don’t have access to my course

No students are appearing in my course

Individual students are not appearing in my course

Students who shouldn’t be there are appearing in my course

Students can’t see content/assessments/documents


I don’t know whether the students received my welcome announcement

How can i tell if my students are receiving my announcements?

Content creation

How do i…? cheatsheet for common course building activities

Image credit: CC on flickr Véronique Debord-Lazaro

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2 years ago

What to do when… is this really addressed by this post? I was hoping for a timeline or some sort of procedural workflow.