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There are many tools that can be added to Canvas through it’s open code and these tools enable improved and additional functionality. These are called apps or LTIs because they

work according to a standard called Learning Tools Interoperability. While many are available, few have been turned on at RMIT. The DSC Digital Learning Team is interested to trial some of the apps available in the Canvas Eduapps centre. You can also see the apps currently available when you go into your Canvas course settings and press the Apps tab.

In order for us to test some of the applications available in the Canvas Eduapps centre, Project Rewire and IT have created a LABS instance of Canvas for testing.  You are invited to join the RMIT labs environment. In this environment are courses named after the App that has been installed, Eg Vericite. Below are instructions on how to get access.

Some of the Apps available for testing at present are:

  • Vericite. an alternative to Turnitin
  • Notebowl. a Canvas social learning platform
  • Badgr. A badging tool that can be used for creating motivation rewards for task completion
  • OneNote: a tool for student journaling.

I you would like to be added to a trial for any of the apps above, please let myself or someone from the DSC Digital Learning Team know.

Please note that these tests are temporary, based on the goodwill of the App company to make a trial of their product available. There is no guarantee that RMIT will buy into any of these apps but you never know. Your feedback will be made available should the university consider taking them on.


​Your first access will be via an email from Canvas. Please note that the RMIT-Labs Canvas exists in an entirely different environment to your normal environment. This means you will first have to click the blue GET STARTED box from the email to get started.

You will then be directed to a page that requests to know if you already have a Canvas login. This is not your RMIT Canvas login but a login to the general Canvas website! If you are not sure click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT. You can use your RMIT email address and you will need to create a new password.

This will then take you into the course within the RMIT Labs environment where you can click ACCEPT to get started.

Ongoing Access

From here on you can access RMIT Labs here Once you are in it will work in much the same way Canvas does elsewhere. Just remember that while these trials are available they are in a different place from where you regularly access Canvas.

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