How to: Add a profile image to Canvas

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What is a profile image?

You can add a profile image to your account in Canvas which will then appear on any discussion posts, announcements and messages you send. It is useful for students and staff to be able to identify you, and it creates a more personal space.

How do I upload my profile image to Canvas?

Making your profile picture appear in Canvas is easy. Follow the printable instructions below or watch the screencast. Please note this will not add your image to the Teaching staff page in your welcome orientation module. You will need to update that manually.

Printable instructions: Add a profile image (.pdf)

  • Your profile is a Canvas-wide tool, so anything you add to it will be visible from any course you are a part of. Ensure that the image and information that you add to your profile is suitable for all the spaces you participate in in Canvas.
  • Please note that this does not update the image in the Teaching team page in the Orientation module. You will need to update that image placeholder manually.


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