How to: grade students anonymously

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Grading students anonymously

There might be times when, as a teacher, you might like to mark students assessment without knowing who has submitted them.  Simply, Canvas allows you to hide the students name in SpeedGrader.

How do I hide student names in SpeedGrader?

To hide student names from Speedgrader, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the Assignments link.
  2. Select the task (assignment, discussion or quiz) you wish to mark.  You will be taken to the assignment page.
  3. Click the SpeedGrader link.
  4. Once in SpeedGrader, click on the Settings icon (cog icon, top left corner).
  5. In the SpeedGrader Options window, tick the box next to Hide student names in the SpeedGrader.
  6. Click Save Settings to apply the changes.
  7. The SpeedGrader window will refresh.  Student names in the students dropdown list will have changed to a number.

You can learn more about the SpeedGrader by following the links below:

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