Note: Using Sections in Canvas

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What are Sections?

Sections are an administrative tool that separates students into different sets based on the needs of your teaching. At RMIT, sections are being created for class sets (tutorial classes, studios) based on data entered into SAMS. If you have multiple classes or studios your course will come already populated with sections.

You can see what sections already exist in your course by going to Settings, and selecting the Sections tab.

What you can do with them:

  • assign different settings such as assignment and discussion dates to different sections.
  • filter the gradebook view by section
  • limit tutor interaction to a particular section or sections.
  • limit students’ view to only students in their own section.
  • send a message to a whole section via the inbox

See the Further help tab below for instructions on each of these functions.

What you can’t do with them:

  • provide different content to different sets of students.
  • provide student group functionality. They are not the same as student groups.

How are they different from Groups?

The purpose of Groups in Canvas is to provide students with a collaborative space to work together. For more information about Groups, see the How to: Create groups resource.
Sections provide more fine-grained control of administrative functions without needing to create a group just for that function.

You are also able to:

  1. request manually created sections should you need them for other reasons.
  2. request that sections be crosslisted into another course.

See the Usage tips tab below for use cases and instructions for requesting these options.

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