Collaborative Submissions to the Digital Economy Strategy

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The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science are calling for submissions to help form a Digital Economy Strategy in 2018. Perhaps this is an opportunity for your students, or research team to bring their ideas together and collaboratively prepare a submission.

Submissions are due on 30 November 2017. A consultation paper has been published, containing 5 main sections:

  1. The digital economy
  2. Enabling and supporting the digital economy through
    1. infrastructure;
    2. standards and regulation;
    3. trust, confidence and security
  3. Building on Australia’s competitive strengths
  4. Empowering people through skills and inclusion
  5. Open comments

The submission webpage is here, but there does not seem to be anywhere for discussing, networking or collaborating on a submission. There doesn’t yet appear to be a hashtag in use for the consultation either, but a few have shared the internationally used #digitalEcomonyStrategy on Twitter.

We’ve built a version of the submission form into a Google Doc for anyone to copy and use in their own collaboration. If you use this doc, someone in your team will still need to either email it, post it, or copy paste its contents into the form on the Department’s submission webpage.

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