Improving Youtube recommendations

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When we create a new Youtube channel, the first thing we notice is that the recommended videos at the Youtube home are far from useful or remotely topical. This is because Youtube doesn’t yet know what our channel is about or what we’re interested in.

We can quickly improve what’s there by taking a few minutes to delete the recommendations that aren’t relevant – which is probably everything, and by subscribing to channels that are relevant.

Taking the time to do this can, over time, can at time reveal very relevant content that a search might not have found, and can offer your students increasingly relevant content along side yours. It’s a good idea to try and minimise the distractions around your channel and to keep things relevant.

Apart from deleting irrelevant recommendations for a while, a quick way to tell YouTube what your channel IS interested in is to subscribe to other channels, and to look at that channels subscriptions and subscribe to some of those as well.

What you upload, including the titles, descriptions and closed captions have an influence as well, but probably the biggest influence is what you watch, like, comment on, subscribe to and add to playlists.

Your audience connections has an influence as well.

So, remember to check which account you’re signed in as, and spend a few minutes to tell Youtube what you would like associated with your channel.

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