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All of the Schools now have Canvas templates, developed to support the transition to the new learning management system. As part of the migration process, the Project Rewire Canvas Champions will apply a template to every course they work on. However, you can edit these or choose to apply another if you prefer another format.

The templates were designed to help people build their courses more quickly and cover off RMIT Studios’ 14 Elements for Canvas Success. They are pre-populated with standard page layouts and content that can be reused across programs or Schools. The DSC templates also include instructions and links to Canvas resources to help people learn this new platform.

Unlike templates or themes for platforms like Wordress, the Canvas templates are a collection of Pages and other resources organised into a structure, akin to a draft document which you can edit, rework and add to.

  • Canvas template - home page

    Home page template option

  • Canvas template home page with blue buttons

    Home page template option

  • Canvas template RMIT Policies and Guidelines

    RMIT Policies and Guidelines

  • Canvas template getting started module

    Getting started module

  • Canvas template Staff Contacts page

    Staff contacts page

Applying a template

All the templates are available in the Canvas Commons, which also has a huge selection of resources from institutions all over the world, from single page layouts to assignments and complete courses.

To test out one of the DSC templates in your personal Sandbox, for example, login to and then:

  1. Click Commons on the global navigation menu on the far left
  2. Search for DSC
  3. Click on the template you want to test
  4. Under Import into Canvas, enter the name of your sandbox and click Import into Course
  5. It may take a few minutes to complete, but you can open your course shell to check the results.

For more information on how to use the Commons see the Canvas Commons Guides and our post How to: Using Canvas Commons. There are a few tricks to getting the most out of the Commons and not losing material after you update it, so make sure you check the How to document for those.

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