How to: Use Pages in Canvas

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What are Pages?

Pages are containers of content that are part of a course.  Pages can include text, video, images, and links to files and other course or group content. All pages in Canvas are Wiki pages by default which means they can function as a collaborative document and will retain a record of the editing history. As a teacher, you can set the permissions as to who can edit the page. By default all users with a teacher role can edit pages, but you can also allow students or anyone to edit if you wish. 

How do I set up a page in Canvas?

To create a new page in a course, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Pages in the Course Navigation bar.
  2. If the course has a designated Front Page, Pages will open to that page.  Therefore, to add a page you will have to click on View all pages.
  3. Click the Add Page button.
  4. Enter a title/name for your page.
  5. Create content by utilising the Rich Content Editor box. 
  6. If you wish to add files, links or images to the page, use the content selector bar on the right.
  7. You can then proceed to select who will be given permission to edit the page.  This is done by selecting the Who can edit this page drop-down menu.  Only three options are available: teachers, teachers and students, or anyone.
  8. To notify students of any changes to the content of this page, check the box for Notify users that this content has changed.
  9. If you are ready to publish the page, click Save & publish.  If you are only intending to create a draft of the page, click Save.
  10. If you have saved the page as a draft, you can always go back to it to continue editing it, or to publish it when ready.

Pages in Blackboard serve the same function as pages in Canvas.  In both LMS, blank pages are used to build content consisting of text, images, and other embedded media. Canvas pages differ in that they can also be collaborative Wiki pages.


  • Pages can also be linked to other pages.
  • Canvas keeps the entire history of the pages created.
  • Instructors can allow students to edit and contribute to course pages.
  • Pages can be used as a collaboration tool for a course or group wikis where only specific users can have access.


How do I adjust a table width in the Syllabus page?

Go to the page that contains the table you wish to adjust.

  • Click Edit
  • Click once on the table border to select it

    (click for a larger view)
  • Click the table icon in the menu bar

    (click for a larger view)
  • Select Table Properties
  • In the Width field remove any numbers and replace with 100% (including the percentage sign)
  • In the Height field remove any numbers and leave blank

    (click for a larger view)
  • Click OK
  • Click Update Syllabus

What is the difference between modules and pages?

Modules and Pages are two different things. A module is an organising structure that allows you to control the flow of your course content, while a Page is the basic tool you use to present the content in your course.  One or more pages can be arranged into a module, along with other tools, to create sequenced content. For more information, visit How to: Create and Manage Modules in Canvas.

The guides below will assist students when interacting with pages in Canvas:

How to view pages.
How to create a page.
How to edit a course page.

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