How to: Use Gradebook in Canvas

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What is Gradebook?

Gradebook, accessed via Grades in the course menu, is the Instructors view for all students grades. Instructors can view the whole cohort’s grades, or filter by section. Students view of grades, will only display their own grades.

In addition to viewing student grades you can use the gradebook for a number of purposes including:

  • Manually enter student grades
  • Automatically calculate total and final grades
  • Hide grades from students until they are published
  • Download or upload (import/export) Grades as a CSV file
  • Download assignment submissions for offline marking
  • Message students who haven’t submitted an assignment yet, or who scored more than X or less than Y on an assignment
  • Leave private grading feedback for students
  • Excuse an assignment, discussion, or quiz for a student

Watch the video below for an overview of the Gradebook interface and functionality.

How do I set up my Gradebook in Canvas?

Items are automatically added to Gradebook when you create an Assignment. For more information on setting up assignments, see How to: create an assignment in Canvas and How to: Weight assignments in Canvas.

For more information check:

Instructor Grades resources [Canvas Community resources]

How to: Add weighting to assessment items in Canvas 


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