How to: Import content into your Canvas course

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What is the Course Import Tool?

The Canvas course import tool allows you to import content into your course from a variety of sources. This includes importing content (in part or in whole) directly from another RMIT Canvas course, or a Canvas course export package and/or export packages from other Learning Management Systems (LMS)s.

This will probably be most useful for copying content from one course to another, and this brief how to will step you through that process.

For further information about this or importing from other sources, please watch the video.

How do I use the Course Import Tool in Canvas?

  1. Inside the course you wish to copy content INTO, click Settings on the left hand menu.
  2. On the right hand menu, click Import Course Content
  3. In the Content type drop-down box, select Copy a Canvas course
  4. Search for and select the course you wish to copy from in the Search for a course field. Make sure you select the instance of the course (teaching period and campus location)
  5. Select whichever Content option applies, either All content, or Specific content if you want only selected content items.
  6. Click Import
  7. You will see a queue of current jobs listing your Course copy request.
    1. If you’ve selected All content, the job will run automatically and will notify you by email when it’s complete (if there’s a lot of content it may take a little while).
    2. If you have selected Specific content the system is waiting for you to tell it what you’d like to import.
      1. Click the red Select Content button next to the Course copy line.
      2. Select the content types you wish to import. Some content types have multiple items, drop the arrow down to select specific items, or click the checkbox to import them all.
      3. When you’re happy with your selection, click the red Select Content button at the bottom of the page.
  8. The system will notify you by email when it is complete. You can shut the page and return when its complete to check the import and any errors that may have been detected.
The Canvas import function is similar to the “import”/”export” and “copy”/”move” functions in Blackboard. The main difference is that Canvas handles these functions in one location, where as Blackboard has the “import”/”export” in the Control Panel, and various “copy” and/or “move” functions on individual items (such as folders, items and/or quizzes).

One thing to note is that although you can import (in part or in whole) from Blackboard to Canvas, not all content moves well and on the whole is not recommended. To learn more read How to: Transfer content from Blackboard to Canvas – what we know so far.

For more information check:

Course Import guides [Canvas Community resources]


  • Remember that Canvas does not allow multiple deletion of content other than files, so make sure when you select content for import that it is content you know you want.
  • If you wish to import content from the Canvas Commons that requires a different process. Please see our How to: Using Canvas Commons guide


How do I adjust a table width in the Syllabus page?

Go to the page that contains the table you wish to adjust.

  • Click Edit
  • Click once on the table border to select it

    (click for a larger view)
  • Click the table icon in the menu bar

    (click for a larger view)
  • Select Table Properties
  • In the Width field remove any numbers and replace with 100% (including the percentage sign)
  • In the Height field remove any numbers and leave blank

    (click for a larger view)
  • Click OK
  • Click Update Syllabus

How can I bulk delete files?

In the files area use one of the following methods:

  • Multiple files – Ctrl click to select multiple files, then click delete
  • Multiple sequential files – Shift click top file then bottom file, then click delete
  • All in a folder – Click one file then Ctrl+A (Cmd+A on Mac)

Bulk deleting options within Files?

Can I import templates into my course?

Yes, you can. Canvas provides to all users access to Canvas Commons, a repository of learning objects that can be imported into any course shell. To learn more about Canvas Commons read our How to: Using Canvas Commons post.


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