How to: Use Announcements in Canvas


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What are Announcements?

Announcements allow you to post messages to students and staff in your course. You can also optionally receive responses to posts, via replies or likes, essentially enabling a  simple polling or acknowledgement function. In addition to the announcement posts within a course, users can receive notification based on their personal notification settings, including via RMIT email, alternate email and or SMS messaging.

Watch the video below for an introduction to Announcements.

How do I set up an announcement in Canvas?

To set up a basic announcement follow the steps below. See the tips and FAQs section for more options on announcements.

  1. From inside your course, select the Announcements button on the left hand menu.
  2. Click the red +Announcement button
  3. Add a topic title
  4. Add your message in the text editor. You can also add links to course content, course sections or assignments, videos or images.
  5. Attach a file if you wish
  6. Select the options you would like to enable
  7. Save
Announcements in Canvas function similarly to those in Blackboard but have more functionality including:
  1. Announcements can be searched or filtered by unread.
  2. Students can like or comment on announcements. Comment on announcements is on by default in the course settings.
  3. Announcements can be opened and closed to comments. Requires comments on announcements to be on in the course settings.
  4. Announcements can be used for external RSS feeds.
  5. Students can update their notification settings to additionally receive announcements via an alternative email address, or mobile phone.
For more information check:
Announcements guides [Canvas Community resources]


  • Announcements are set to allow replies from students by default. If you would like to disable replies, you will find the setting in the Settings > Course details > more options > Disable comments on announcements
  • If you refer to specific external resources (blogs, websites, news sites, etc.) you can set up the Announcements to forward specified external feeds. For further info see How do I add an external RSS feed to an announcement as an instructor?
  • You can use announcements to collect student opinion on issues by using the reply and like functions. You can also use it to gather preferences without other student replies influencing later responders by preventing students from seeing replies until they’ve submitted their own response.


I don’t think students received the welcome announcement. What do i do?

If your welcome announcement was created prior to your course being published and it was NOT set to delayed posting, then your students will not have received an email about the announcement.

If this is the case, you can resend the announcement by editing it, selecting delayed posting and set the date and time for some time in the future. Note that your course must be published for the notification to be sent out.

Announcements > Open desired announcement > Edit > Delay posting > set date and time > Save

How can I tell whether the students received my announcement?

In your account notification settings there is an option to be notified immediately of an announcement created by you. Make sure that option is selected, and the system will send you the same email copy that the students get.

Account > Notifications > Announcements created by you

screen shot

screen shot

Can I send an announcement to just one section of students?

Currently, No. However, you can send a message to all students in a section.
To do that:

  1. In the Global navigation menu, click Inbox
  2. From the All Courses dropdown menu, select the correct course.
  3. Click the Compose a new message feather icon
  4. Click the address book icon
  5. Click the Course sections link
  6. Select the desired section
  7. Type your message below the line
  8. Click send

Do I have to sign off announcements?

Yes, we recommend you to sign off every announcement you post.  The reason for this is that when announcements are sent via email and students read them from their inbox, Canvas does not specify who the sender is.  The details of the sender can only be viewed if the announcement is being read from within Canvas.

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