InstructureCon0017: Connecting with the Canvas Community in Colorado

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We recently returned from the Canvas conference in Colorado. As well as enjoying the stunningly beautiful locale with white marquee tents highlighted against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, we had the opportunity to connect with other Higher Ed users of Canvas both in the States and in Australia. As an organisation just beginning our Canvas journey it was interesting to hear from other users who are more experienced, and to access some of their wisdom.

A quick grab bag of the things we learnt and talked about over the four days of the conference…

  • What’s coming in Canvas in the next few months including enhancements to the Gradebook (now available in Beta inside Canvas), duplicate functions (yay!!) and an enhanced new list view for the dashboard
  • Canvancements – scripts that enhance the Canvas interface, such as reordering the dashboard cards, pulling in rubrics from excel sheets, and reordering existing rubric criteria
  • Some interesting new LTIs including :
    • Group Evaluation LTI coming out of Penn State University which allows students to evaluate self and each other’s performance and a group member.
    • Annotation LTI with┬áin partnership with the University of Denver for private, group and public annotation of content in Canvas

  • Tips for setting up Outcomes – potentially handy for VE and HE programs that must meet external accreditation requirements
  • What we can do with the Canvas API to make things quicker and easier (batching in Groups details, for example). There’s work to do around how to make that accessible for staff without having to write code to do it – lots of data for Cathy to play with!
  • Development of LTIs for additional functionality.
    With the forthcoming creation of a Sandpit development environment at RMIT we’re looking forward to investigating these functionality options further, perhaps developing our own LTIs, as well as liaising with our new connections internationally and within Australia to develop and enhance Canvas to suit our needs.
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