Canvas update: Google Drive and Embedding 3D

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One of the strengths of Canvas is the ability to link and embed different types of tools from within course sites. Following are a couple of examples.

Google Drive

Google Drive has been enabled in Canvas and works with RMIT Google accounts. You can include it in your course menu (learn how from the Canvas guides).

This feature will allow you to access your Google Drive from within a Canvas course. See the Canvas Community for more information: How do I view my Google Drive files in Canvas as a student?  

3D objects

In the Industrial Design program, academic Scott Mayson has experimented with embedding 3D objects into Canvas Pages. The first is a sunglasses model which should be viewable in Google cardboard.

The second is a game controller viewable in the real time review tool from Autodesk that can display and section edit student 3D models within Canvas.

Many other types of embedding are possible. Learn more about the potential to embed HP5 in Canvas.


Maysie Skins by scott mayson on Sketchfab

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Kevin Francke
3 years ago

Very exciting indeed!