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This year RMIT’s Learning Management System will begin a transition from Blackboard into Canvas. Those of you who attended the Project Rewire launches would have heard Martin Bean and Belinda Tynan talking about the impact that Canvas could have on Learning and Teaching at RMIT University.  For any organisation, transitioning into a completely new system is a major undertaking, one that requires lots of planning, but more importantly readiness to face the challenges and mitigate the risks that may arise as a result. While the Canvas implementation project is still in the early stages, some School and College staff are now getting to test and explore the system using a range of courses.

So, what exactly are we doing?

The seven Deputy Deans, Learning and Teaching and other DSC ADG members, selected 70 courses to become DSC Canvas Early Adopters.  Although in the overall big picture, these courses only account for a very small number, it will help us to develop a plan to be able to scale up in the near future. These courses represent all the DSC schools, higher education, vocational education, different models of delivery, AQF levels as well as onshore and offshore courses.

A member of the Digital Learning team has been assigned to be the DSC Canvas representative for each school. This person will work closely with the early adopters providing assistance in transitioning their courses into Canvas. The representatives will also work alongside the SALTs (Senior Advisors Learning and Teaching) of each school, as well as the Canvas Champions that RMIT Studios will appoint in the coming weeks.  In order to support the early adopters, we have scheduled a number of “hands-on” sessions that will initially run from the 26th of April to the 31st of May.  Each week there will be two 1.5 hour sessions running at the City Campus, and one each at Brunswick and Bundoora.  These co-learning sessions are collaborative spaces designed for early adopters to work through challenges, share their learning, and solve problems, but also to assist the Digital Learning team to collect information and feed it back to RMIT Studios and ITS.

If you are an early adopter, we thank you for your participation and collaboration, and we look forward to seeing some great results. If you are not an early adopter but would like to become one, please complete the following form and I will be in touch with you.

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Leigh Blackall
3 years ago

I think some people would benefit from a mud map of all the groups contributing to this effort, and how they fit together.. Pro Vice Chancellor – Education > RMIT Studios > Project Rewire > Canvas Champions > School Deans Learning and Teaching > Course and Program Managers > Early Adopters > College Advisors > College Designers > .. each group has similar, different and overlapping roles, is made up of people from different areas of the university as well as external consultants, and there are multiple communication streams. Is there a graphic depicting this somewhere?