How to: Saving a PowerPoint presentation to Video

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Adding audio narration to a PowerPoint presentation and then converting it to video can be a simple method for making a lecture accessible to people who couldn’t attend the live event, or who need to preview or review the presentation.

NB. If you don’t use PowerPoint, consider using a screen recorder to create a video instead.

What you will need:

Man wearing a hedset

  1. A Computer running Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or later (2010, 2013, 2016 on PC, and 2011, 2016 on Mac)
  2. An external microphone that can be plugged into your computer (we recommend using an external microphone, as built-in microphones can pick up a lot of background noise). A basic headset is good enough.
  3. Webcam (Optional) if you plan to include a talking head in your slides.

Recording Audio narration onto a PowerPoint presentation:

Depending on whether you’re using Windows or macOS and which version of PowerPoint is installed on your system, there are slight variations in the steps to recording a narration. Please pick the correct version of PowerPoint for relevant instructions. (Note that instructions for Mac are indicated in blue lettering, just above the instructions for PC).

Saving a PowerPoint to a video file:


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