Analytics: Improving the Student Experience through Feedback

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This project encompassed four areas of activity with the aim of both impacting students through the feedback of learning data; and impacting teaching staff through methods for designing student feedback which in turn feeds back into learning design. Knowledge in design methods for developing a feedback experience for students was gathered, as well as technical expertise in xAPI standard for the storage and sharing of data was developed. Students with expertise in statistics, experience design and programming were employed to assist in project outcomes.

As the video and a previous post describe we initially had enormous difficulty extracting data from the LMS to feed back to students in any way that was meaningful. This changed once we were able to both streamline the LMS data and combine it with feedback from in-class responseware. This provided students a measure of weekly performance against both their own goals, class performance, and class goals.

Problems of organising data in consistent ways led us to explore the xAPI standard as a way of collecting data from different sources in consistent ways. Toward the end of the project we looked at how we could use xAPI to give the data we have collected back to students as well as enabling student ownership of data. These findings will develop into future projects during 2017.

Feedback from students in focus groups at the end of semester 2 was overwhelmingly positive. There was a minor statistical improvement in self-efficacy between pre and post test. We learned that feeding back learning analytics to students is as much about designing a student experience. We also learned the importance of reiteration in the design. Feeding back data to students is not a static activity but an ongoing cycle of feedback, both to students; and for educators in designing a learning and feedback experience.

You can read the project report here.

Image credit: Perzonseo Webbyra CC Licence on Flickr




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