21 ways to use video in your teaching

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We have a page for over all Video Teaching that gives a snapshot of other pages and blog posts that have the category “How to” with a corresponding tag relevant to video, such as “Youtube“, “Hangouts” or “Video“. Here are 21 articles from that archive that you might find useful if you’re thinking to use video in your teaching, or if you already are:

  1. Creating video content
  2. Closed captioning videos on Youtube
  3. Managing and editing videos on Youtube
  4. Youtube Live to create instructional videos
  5. Using a Smartphone as a wireless microphone in a HoA
  6. Using a smartphone and Youtube to create and distribute instructional videos
  7. Teaching assistant Youtube channel
  8. Peter and Mark using Youtube Live with Google Docs
  9. Lectures as Animated Videos?
  10. Teaching Youtube to teach: using QR Codes and refining Youtube data
  11. How to create a QR code with Google URL Shortner
  12. YouTube at the School of Fashion and Textiles: Teaching YouTube to Teach
  13. Presenting ideas for industry research
  14. Youtube: a necessarily untidy guide to evolving innovation
  15. 3 video annotation options
  16. Music in videos: My top 4 sites to find music
  17. Video in microlearning content
  18. Learning spatial awareness: virtual reality and 360-degree video
  19. Youtube Live and guest lectures
  20. Using video for assessment feedback
  21. 3D video, virtual reality, augmented reality

Photo by emonstaDesigns https://www.flickr.com/photos/44722273@N08/31831166091 via Creative Commons Non-commercial Sharealike licence

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Julian Lee
Julian Lee
3 years ago

Hey – thanks for this post!


[…] 21 Ways to use video in your teaching. […]