Introducing Turnitin Studio Feedback

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On Friday 2 December 2016, RMIT University upgraded its version of Turnitin Classic to the new Feedback Studio.  While still offering the same functionalities as the old version, Feedback Studio offers a more simplify, streamlined and intuitive interface by bringing together into one single menu bar the grading, feedback, and similarity checking.  The new interface allows instructors to have all the feedback in just one place, hence improving the functionality of the application.

It is important to remember that until August 17 2017, instructors will be able to choose whether to use the new Feedback Studio interface or switch back to the Turnitin Classic.  After this date, the Classic Version will no longer be available.

How to switch between Turnitin Studio Feedback and the Classic View

Once you click on a student’s submission, Turnitin will automatically launch in Classic View, if you wish to switch to Feedback Studio, you must click where it says ‘Try the new Feedback Studio’ (see image below).

Classic View Interface

To switch back to Classic View, click on ‘Return to Turnitin Classic’ (see image below).

Feedback Studio Interface


For more information on Turnitin Classic vs Feedback Studio, see the video below.

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