Create and Load Groups into Blackboard

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Making Groups

Do you have separate cohorts of students in your course or program that require separate communication, management or access needs?

Student groups such as:

  • Online and Face-to-Face students (sharing the same course code)
  • VE students (different programs sharing the same course code)
  • Research students (different programs sharing the same course code)
  • Vertical studios (different course codes sharing the same course shell)

If so, you can use groups to:

  • Release content (i.e. folder access) to a selected group or groups (using adaptive release)
  • Provide group communication (i.e. group email, blog or wiki)
  • View only students in your group in the grade centre (using smart views)
  • Provide collaboration space for group work (assessment tasks and activities)


In this guide we will show you how to create and load groups into Blackboard using an Excel file ‘BB Group Maker‘ and a student list exported from iExplore.

The ‘BB_Group_Maker_v2016-10-21_CL’ tool is a modification of the ‘BB Group Maker’ tool created by Warren Nageswaran.

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