Drones at RMIT Event

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The federal government has recently passed legislation allowing drones under 2kg to be flown without user certification. This has opened the market to innovations from companies competing for consumer interest, including Go-Pro enthusiasts. With the push for STEM education drones will become commonplace in schools alongside makers spaces and virtual reality. The drone companies are already stepping into the education space.

RMIT has been involved with drones in a number of areas including Architecture, and Design and Engineering. Simon Watkins has been involved with research into drones (or MAVs) for many years. He will come along to speak at the DSC Innovation Incubator about RMIT research and activity with drones and hopefully inspire us with ideas for teaching and learning. For more detail have a look at Simon’s RMIT profile, especially under Key Activities.

To register for the event go here.

Photo courtesy of Stephan Ridgeway on Flickr.

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