“I Want Some Digital Literacy”

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Digital literacy is like the green Volkswagen in the Steve McQueen chase scene from Bullitt. We don’t see it yet it is always there. Nobody comes along to university or our support services saying “I want some digital literacy”. Yet we always have to have it as part of our teaching and learning considerations.

As part of the Learning and Teaching Conference I am working with a group representing the Library (Gary Pearce), Study and Learning Centre (SLC) Student programs (John Fong), Careers and Employability (Sally Brooks) and SLC Curriculum Services (Joslyn Tait), to initiate activity on what Digital Literacy means at RMIT. We will be presenting on various aspects of digital literacy without trying to be exhaustive of this extensive area. One of our aims is to use the activity to populate a Google community before and during the session to get conversation going and provide an ongoing resource.

The temptation of such a session is to include every digital literacy as part of the session. Do we get participants to ask questions online? Do we run a Twitter wall of the conference hashtag to field questions and answers from beyond the session or beyond the university? So far we have decided to ask for contributions prior and during into a Google doc and field questions into the Google community. If we get to the Twitter wall that would be a nice outcome and we also need to consider the different levels with which people arrive.

I think it’s a good idea to include digital literacies as learning outcomes for a course to make the need explicit for both educators and students. This can be done in a similar way that a cultural competency might also be included in a course learning outcome, that doesn’t explicitly or superficially seem to need it. So we are looking forward to seeing you at the conference, this session called Digital Literacy: what, why and how, is Tuesday 12:20 – 1:00pm. You can start your participation in our session by following the barcode below, for which an app on your phone such as I-Nigma will help.

What questions do you have around digital literacy at RMIT?


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