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Since my last most recent COIL update, there has been a lot going on in the background to initiate COIL activities at RMIT. We have been busy seeking out potential collaboration partners. Interest has been shown from DSC Schools of Media and Communications, and Global Urban and Social Studies, as well as from the College of Business and RMIT Vietnam. At the same time we have been connecting with potential partners from elsewhere in the SUNY COIL network in other parts of the world.

One challenge, as with any matchmaking, is getting interested parties to put themselves “out there” enough to attract potential partners. To this end we have built a website to provide a presence for COIL at RMIT and to attract participation both from RMIT lecturers, as well as interested lecturers from overseas colleges and universities. The beta COIL at RMIT site has been built in WordPress within the DSC Digital Learning site for early flexibility and ease of setup as well as ongoing reiteration. Should things change and COIL become part of a larger university initiative it can easily be moved or incorporated.

There have been a few staff in GUSS, Media and Communications, and College of Business, who have been brave enough to offer profiles (via a ready made Google form) which are now up on the site. As well there has been offers from lecturers overseas specifically wanting to engage with RMIT in online collaboration activities. One request from University of Western Scotland I feel resonates with RMIT being interested in the intersection of Marketing and Design.We’re continuing to receive and post other requests as they come in.

At times we have to find matches for quite specific subject areas such as Kate Driscoll’s public policy profile, whereas it has been easier with subjects such as Marketing. Fortunately COIL partnerships do not have to be with the same discipline or the same academic level and I am sure with persistence we will manage to help partnerships occur. One advantage of the website is that we can still collect new profiles, once the background work of supporting partnerships with pedagogical, technical and logistical issues begins.

The beta website will be launched on Monday 17 October at the Future of Internationalisation event. We look forward to seeing you there.

Not all our students can afford global mobility. How important is cross cultural experience for the future of your students?

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