The #FlexibleLMS: Good Practice Examples

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At times we get requests for “best practice” examples of the LMS which is understandable from an evaluation point of view. I prefer to refer to “good practice” examples because the term best practice leaves out room for making mistakes and the potential for consequent ongoing improvement and innovation. Secondly, because the LMS tries to do everything it ends up only ever being partially successful. In feeding back general good practice examples, it might be good to find niche areas of excellence within the LMS system, rather than fall for the trap of thinking it can always be a good practice one stop shop. For example, we could point to many examples in our assessment online community for good practice in that area. In collating good niche examples, the DSC Digital Learning Team is to use our blog taxonomy, as a way of listing under which areas are important to us, where we have found specific examples of niche LMS good practice.

Here are 3 examples of good LMS practice at RMIT.

  • I always liked this example of collaborative learning. I believe it is still being used despite being a few years old now.
  • Last year there was a good solution in Landscape Design degree with Jock Gilbert, where we were able to form groups where could view the content being created by simultaneously running groups. We looked at a number of social media options only to find that it was possible to do this in the LMS with relative ease. It was a good example of semi-open, collaborative studio design.
  • I would also point to the  example of Beautiful Blackboard project funded by the RMIT 2016 Learning and Teaching Investment fund, which highlights the use of the Blackboard mobile app to present studio design content in an attractive format. More importantly the project utilises some of the innovation methods from the 2014 Whatonearth project, and is leading to increased use of the LMS in Architecture and Design. I plan to do a detailed post on this project at some stage.


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