Be Blackboard and Google Drive/Apps ready for semester 2

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The beginning of a new semester can be a daunting experience not only for students but for teachers as well; in particular for those who are teaching for the first time, are relatively new to teaching or simply are returning to teaching after a break.  Teachers often get asked: “Are you ready to go? and the answer to this is always likely to be: Yes! My lesson plans are ready, my activities are designed, the reading material has been selected and the assessment tasks have also been developed.  However, one question usually remains unasked: What about Blackboard or Google Drive/Apps?

This question has the potential to produce a certain level of stress and anxiety amongst teachers.  It is expected that teachers by the time the semester commences will be proficient in the use of these technologies and how they fit within the RMIT teaching context.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and therefore a lot of teachers find themselves struggling and stressing when it comes to their implementation.   Help, however is on its way!

We have endeavoured to support and assist teachers across HE and VE in the DSC College to learn how to use these platforms as well as guiding them in expanding on their existing skills.  Last semester, we ran three different sessions, one in the City and two at Bundoora.  This support came in the shape and form of Drop-In Sessions.  The overall success was great and the feedback received was also fantastic; as a result the DL Team has decided to run two sessions in preparation for semester 2.  Please read the answer to the questions below for more information.

What is a drop-in session?

It is not a professional development event.  We encourage you to come with any question, issues or problem regarding the use of Blackboard and/or Google Drive/Apps.  A member of our team will sit with you (one-to-one) and address your needs.

When and where will these sessions be?

Session 1

Campus: City
Venue: Swanston Library
Date: 19th of July
Time and Location: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Group Study Room 2), 12:00 AM – 16:00 PM (Group Study Room 3)

Session 2 & Session 3

Campus: Brunswick
Venue: Library Meeting Room 514
Date: 26 July
Time: 9:15 am – 12:45 pm

Date: 28 July
Time: 1:15 pm – 5:45 pm

What do I need?

  • Your own device
  •  Pen and paper (if needed)
  •  Any teaching material (if it helps)

We look forward to meeting you in any of our sessions.  If you would like further information feel free to contact me on:

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