Plotting project logs in a timeline

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Screengrab of a Timeline JS example

Bridget Keane in Architecture first introduced me to JS Timeline in 2015. Bridget uses it with her students to log and visualise progress on projects in a timeline view. We at Digital Learning DSC have been trialing a wide range of project logging and management methods, including a physical standup wall, a digital wall on Trello, Google Drive folders and Category blogging.

I’ve been testing the efficiency of JS Timeline and am reasonably satisfied with its use to log project progress. You must copy a Google Spreadsheet into a Google drive outside the RMIT domain (so that the sheet can be made publicly accessible). You then drop the sheet’s URL into the JS Timeline website and a graphic timeline is produced. Maintaining a log of project progressions is now a simple matter of entering a new row of data to the spreadsheet. The timeline will update each time it is reloaded. So I don’t lose the link to the graphic timeline, I paste it in as a comment on the spreadsheet for each project.

Here’s a video explaining how JS Timeline works:

Here are some of my 2016 project timelines:

  1. Art Thinking
  2. Wikidata
  3. Journalism
  4. Badging


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