How to: Create a Turnitin assignment submission

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create a turnitin assignment

What is a Turnitin Assignment?

A Turnitin Assignment is an online assignment submission tool that includes the following features:

  • GradeMark – document viewer to view grades and feedback, including on page comments, predefined comments (QuickMarks), rubrics, and general text and audio comments.
  • Originality Checker – plagiarism checker for text based assignments
  • PeerMark – peer review of submitted assignments

The following document will step you through the process of setting up a Turnitin assignment.

You can follow the links in the document, and note that related how-to’s are listed below should you want to learn more.

You can use a rubric or grading form to mark quickly in Turnitin, but you may need to modify your existing rubric to suit the software. Check out How to: a comparison of rubrics and grading forms for more information.

If using the similarity checker, remember that Turnitin requires documents to contain 20 or more words of machine readable text before it will accept the submission. Check out Using the similarity checker in Turnitin for further information.

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This article forms part of the “Assignments in Turnitin” series. 

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