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As I slowly familiarise myself with my new role, I am also making progress in learning more about the projects I will be leading and participating in for the first part of the year.  I have just returned from building 100, the Design Hub, where I met Soumitri Varadarajan (Deputy Dean Industrial and Interior Design) and Juan Sanin (Lecturer of Industrial Design) from the School of Architecture and Design.

Soumitri and Juan have been the successful recipients of a Learning and Teaching Investment Fund for their project “I Love Blended Learning: Enabling Learner Self-Management within Learning Management Systems” which aims at responding to the increasing need for developing and implementing blended learning strategies in design education.  The project encompass five different dimensions which are: Beautiful Blackboard, Everyone Does It, I am A Digital Ninja, Virtual Reality and DADA.  Each of these can be seen as mini projects focusing on different types of technology and their applicability to learning and teaching.

In the meeting it was agreed that DL DSC will provide support and assistance in the Everyone Does It (EDI) project.  EDI aims at documenting good practices of blended learning currently taking place beyond the use of Blackboard and across different social media platforms.    Soumitri and his team identified that the best way to learn more about the use of these platforms is through a qualitative research.  This research will start by surveying teachers across the 15 programs the school offers.  As a research assistant has been engaged to design the survey, DL DSC will provide feedback on the questions and potentially offer support in analysing and interpreting the data.  The diagram below depicts how DL DSC will assist Soumitri’s team.

We await for the survey to be designed!

LTIF I love blended learning - New Proposal

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