Peter and Mark using Youtube Live with Google Docs

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Peter Murphy and Mark Mossuto teach the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (VET). It is a 100% online course. Last week they tried using Hangouts for a live tutorial, but with a combination of bandwidth and user inexperience in handling bandwidth limitations, it ended in disappointment.

This week, the students are instructed to look our for an email at 6pm, containing a link to a Google Doc. That Doc is the collaborative notes space for the tutorial. At the top of the doc is a link to the live video stream on Youtube (coming from Mark and Peter in the Hangout on Air Youtube Live), and in the bottom right of the doc is a chat box. The rest of the doc is used to minute the tutorial meeting. The students click the Youtube link to watch the live stream, and use the chat box to ask questions and discuss issues. If anyone needs to join the Hangout on Air (Youtube Live), Mark and Peter will invite them in.

In the end, the group is left with a video recording of the presentation and discussions, the group notes and the chat log.

This video explains the set up via screen recording. UPDATE: Some scenes in the screenrecording are our of date. Please refer to the instructions on Youtube Live for the new steps.

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Mark Mossuto
Mark Mossuto
5 years ago

Well, we’re still alive!! It went very well, using the Google doc and the Chat within the doc worked very well, Peter and I took turns in presenting, Peter did the Dip TDD and I did the Dip VET, we did however interject in each others presentation, making it more personable for those watching. Using the chat was very good, they would ask a question, Peter would rely it to me and vice versa, we would then answer that question there and then. In the Dip VET we did copy and paste the chat into the document as a record… Read more »

Spiros Soulis
Spiros Soulis
5 years ago
Reply to  Mark Mossuto

Excellent work we certainly appreciate the feedback, in whatever form it takes. Well Done

4 years ago

What a wonderful idea! I did try using Google Docs and Collaborate last year and it worked really well too. Well done all.


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