Youtube Live to create instructional videos

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Using Hangouts on Air (HoA) and Youtube (now Youtube Live) to create and distribute instructional-videos and screen-recordings.


Naomi Herzog uses Google Hangouts on Air (HoA) and Youtube (now Youtube Live) to prepare instructional videos, including screen recordings for her students to understand and complete their assessment tasks. Her recordings are organised and linked together in Youtube playlists, which are then embedded in the Blackboard site for the course. Naomi gains important insights from the Youtube view statistics, and is adjusting some of her videos into shorter, tighter clips accordingly.


Naomi teaches her course online, preparing instructional videos for all the orientation, activities and tasks the students need to complete. Naomi also offers video meeting tutorials each week, if the students require further help, or are required to present and discuss their assessment work. For the tutorials, Naomi maintains a room booking on campus for students to attend if they want. Some of her students come to that room each week and use it as a space to study and join weekly video tutorial meetings. Others study mostly online, and join the tutorials from other locations. Some of her international students have expressed appreciation of the video format for playback and review. Others appreciate the flexibility of location, and maintaining the room on campus.


Hangouts on Air (HoA) and Youtube (now Youtube Live) is a feature of Google and Youtube. HoA is a normal video “hangout” or meeting, but with the added functionality of a live broadcast to a specified audience, with a recording left on the host’s Youtube channel. HoA and the recordings can be public, unlisted or restricted in access.

For more assistance, visit the Hangouts on Air (HoA) and Youtube (now Youtube Live) help and the Youtube help.


Naomi Herzog (Teacher, School of Media and Communications)

Leigh Blackall (Educational Developer, School of Design and Social Context)

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[…] Hangouts on Air to create instructional videos […]


[…] Hangouts on Air to create instructional videos […]

Joyce Seitzinger (@catspyjamasnz)

I went to use Google Hangouts on Air and not only had Google made changes, it wasn’t even there anymore. It has been moved to something called YouTube Live, and I found out this is much less user-friendly. It even requires installing an encoder? Hoping you guys will give us the scoops and tricks on the new situation.