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At the time of writing this guide, RMIT is not able to offer Youtube or G+ Pages or several other features on its Google Apps for Education domain (Classrooms, Maps, Add-ons and others). This is a guide for working around that limitation and establishing a G+ Page and Youtube channel that can be managed by multiple Google account holders, including RMIT Google accounts.

Your personal Youtube account has the ability to create separate channels, for businesses you manage, campaigns, communities, courses and other similar things. Creating a channel will create a corresponding G+ Page. Both work together to generate a substantial website with social networking and other features.

  1. Sign in to Youtube using that same personal or other gmail account you used to create the Page
  2. Go to your Youtube account settings and click “See all my channels or create a new channel” under additional features of the General account settings tab
  3. Click “Create a new channel”

After filling out the brief details, you will create a Youtube channel AND a Google+ Page. A G+ Page is effectively a ready made website, and the Youtube channel is that Page’s video page. You can use either by themselves, or both together. It is through the G+Page settings however, that you invite multiple managers and other settings that affect both. You can invite your RMIT Google account to become a manager of the G+Page associated with your Youtube channel, unfortunately you won’t be able to use our RMIT account to access and manage the Youtube channel itself, but you’ll be able to manage the G+Page which affects some of the Youtube channel.

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4 years ago

Hi Leigh,
RMIT still doesn’t support Youtube accounts, Are we still doing independent accounts to support the University of design and technology?