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At the end of 2015, Howard and I presented a proposal to the School of Fashion and Textiles on how they might consider, use and manage Youtube in their school.

A number of staff and many students in the School are using Youtube to varying effect, and we have developed a concept that can encourage this existing use toward more enriched teaching and learning, as well as an increased networked presence for the School. This proposal was prepared in consultation with the Schools Deputy Head Learning and Teaching, as well as the College Marketing.

The nutshell is that Digital Learning DSC will support staff in the school to set up and manage their own Youtube accounts (despite RMIT not enabling Youtube on RMIT Google Accounts), as well as support the School in setting up co-managed Youtube channels for the school and its 3 main subject domains.

Along with this support, we will do our best to advise on the wide range of considerations in this approach, such as online identity management, appropriate file handling, access and use, copyright, and ideas for teaching, learning and assessment. Some of these issues remain somewhat unresolved or untested at an RMIT policy level.

The only thing new in this from a Digital Learning DSC perspective is the attempt to coordinate the existing use of Youtube in a way that can enhance the School’s online presence – particularly in Youtube. Digital Learning DSC has been supporting staff use of Youtube for some time now.

  1. Here are our posts related to Youtube use to date
  2. We maintain our own Youtube channel for Digital Learning DSC, and is managed in the same way as is being proposed to the School. In that channel are playlists, including some on using video in teaching and learning.
  3. Also on our channel are our subscriptions to other Youtube channels of staff and groups in RMIT as well as outside (this is in need of some updating).
  4. In that list of subscriptions is the Youtube channel for the School of Fashion and Textiles.
  5. On the channel subscriptions for the School of Fashion and Textiles are some of the staff who have worked with us on their Youtube use, as well as the channels for the three subject domains in the school:

The individual teacher accounts and channels that conceivably make up the video content for the course and program, also make up the online the professional network of students and industry, which all help to strengthen the presence of the School channels, when they are connected. Digital Learning DSC’s effort will be to help prepare and support staff in using Youtube effectively and appropriately to their needs, and ensuring the connections are made to the School channels. If this project manages to mature this approach, management of the School channels will be done by the more active users in the School. Those School channels will feature, list and at times copy the good work seen in the staff and student channels. The more connectivity and activity between the many accounts, the stronger the network effect. The stronger the network effect, the more useful Youtube (and the Internet) becomes to people in the network.

Here is the full proposal for the project (only available to people with RMIT Google accounts – please feel free to request a copy if you are outside the RMIT domain)


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