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Above all human

On Friday the 29th of January I had the opportunity to attend the Above all human conference in Melbourne.  Although it was a wet and cold summer day, there was a great buzz of enthusiasm and motivation coming from the delegates.

According the organisers, the conference was about “startup founders, makers, designers and innovators who want to do great things, build innovative products, and be the most effective entrepreneurs they can be”; however I am can actually say that it was also about capacity building, education, training and development, and surprisingly and reassuring at the same time about having a social conscience when thinking “innovation”.  To put it in simple words, innovators have the enormous privilege to create something that not only creates wealth for their own companies and turns them into successful entrepreneurs  but have the capacity to change and redesign the word we are living in, ideally for the better.

While listening to all the speakers, I kept of switching from my role of an educator at RMIT University to that of a mother of two 8 years old boys.  There is no doubt that we live in a rapidly changing world, there are areas where opportunities still exist and can be explored, other fields that are increasingly expanding and other still to be discovered, I found myself asking: what will this world look like in the next 10 – 20 years?, what job/career will my boys have? (most likely one that does not exist yet!!!).  Nevertheless these questions and everything else I was thinking while listening kept on bringing me back to RMIT University and the paramount role we all play in ensuring that we provide to all staff members and students alike the perfect environment to shape the future, spaces where we can think big, turn ideas into action and for all of our actions to turn into stories of success.

The possibility of making Australia a nation of innovators is only going to be possible if the Private Industry, Educational Institutions and the Government work closely enough.

I leave you with a few lines that stayed with me:

“you want to create things that people would like to use everyday”

“Collaborate when it adds value”

“Innovate if you must to”

“Startups must take into account the impact on society”

“The Decay of the False Vacuum” – you may like to Google this up!


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